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Why is W88 casino the best choice to play online casino games?

Currently, online casinos are being loved by many people because of their convenience and high entertainment. Among them is the casino W88. Attractive features, authentic experience, and high reputation have helped W88 maintain the throne in the world betting village for many years.

Why is W88 casino the best choice?

Not only is it the pioneer in the online casino market in Malaysia, but W88 also fully converges the qualities of a leading Malaysian online casino.

The interface and graphics are sharp and true.

Easily deposit and withdraw money when winning casino games.

Owning many promotions exclusively for new, regular, and VIP members.

Diverse games, for you to unleash your experience.

High odds.

Invest some hot dealer digging dealer, ensure transparency.

W88 casino preeminent features

Supports both website and mobile devices

Along with the development of modern technology, W88 has continuously improved its systems to provide the best service quality. Especially, besides the website, you can enjoy casino games through mobile applications on iOS and Android operating systems.

Casino W88 uses dark blue tones as the main color, creating a feeling of simplicity but no less luxury. All the tables are dealt cards by professional dealers. The vivid sound system makes you feel real, not inferior to the actual casino. The running speed is relatively fast, with less lag.

New interface with support tools to help choose the table, choose the right card game more easily. For example, when entering Club Massimo, you can click “Join Quick” to immediately enter a new table.

Quality promotions from W88 casino

Online casino promotions at the W88 bookie never let players down because of the “quality” it offers.

Utility button in each W88 casino game

One of the interesting things that make the card games at W88 so popular is the amazing navigation buttons. For example, at a Baccarat table, you can check the statistics of previous Player (P) and Banker (B) wins for reference, review game rules at any time, get live support on the match table when problems arise. Many bet types and easy to bet with just a few mouse clicks.


Above are some obvious reasons why you should play online casino games at W88. Good luck!

Learn about the Dafabet online casino. Is Dafabet reputable?

Nowadays football betting is developing very quickly and many bookmakers have been formed. In which, Dafabet is the most prestigious bookmaker today. So what is the Dafabet online casino? Join us to find out through the article below.

Dafabet is an online bookmaker operated by a subsidiary of Asianlogic called AsianBGE. Asianlogic has been operating since 2002 and has about 800 employees working here. They also own MegaSportsWorld which is a licensed bookmaker brand operating in the Philippines.

The Dafabet bookie offers great appeal to Asian players

Dafabet serves world betting players and especially players in China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand. The player will open an account on any of the three Dafabet sites with the same Dafabet username and password.

The Dafabet bookie offers great appeal to Asian players when playing casino or online poker. Quick payment offers a wide variety of sports and betting games that are loved by many players.

Dafabet is an online betting house that offers a variety of betting options such as sports betting, soccer betting, online casino, and many other forms of online betting games. Dafabet operates in China and the Asia Pacific in 2004 and is also licensed in the Philippines and certified by CEZA and First Cagayan.

The promotion is extremely attractive

Dafabet bookmakers always offer Dafabet promotions for veterans and new entrants. The promotion offers a 100% bonus up to the amount of 1,200,000 or 4,000,000 when betting at this dealer and other promotions via trading and depositing the account for the first time.

How is personal information confidential for players?

Dafabet bookmaker’s security management system is always ahead. Keep all player information strictly confidential for customers.

Thoughtful online support

Dafabet bookmaker offers 24/7 and fast support. There is a staff of enthusiastic, friendly, and experienced.

Dafabet offers a wide variety of betting products

Dafabet bookmakers offer betting products such as Dafabet Sportbook, Dafabet Casino, and Dafabet Poker.

Dafabet’s web interface is eye-catching and lively

The interface design of this Malaysia online casino website is youthful and creative. And has attracted many players to participate, through easy operation for players to participate in betting.

Quick transaction form

Players can easily operate when making a deposit at Dafabet and withdrawing at this Malaysia online casino most quickly for players when participating. Dafabet is the main sponsor of the Everton and Aston Villa football team in the current Premier League.


This article has helped players answer the question of what Dafabet is, right. As a betting company operating on a large scale to give bettors the most engaging moments of experience when participating in this bookie. At the same time give the best promotions when participating in today’s leading online football betting site. Wish you have fun playing.

Introducing the prestigious Dafabet online casino

Dafabet is an online gambling brand that is being operated by a subsidiary of Asianlogic called AsianBGE. Asianlogic has been in the online betting industry since 2002 and now employs over 800 people. Besides, they also own MegaSportsWorld – the largest licensed betting house brand in the Philippines.

It is not natural that the Dafabet bookmaker has become one of the reputable Malaysia online casino and many Malaysian people participate. Whether you are a beginner or a longtime player choose this dealer to play, then try to find out why Dafabet is so hot.

Introducing the Dafabet dealer

Being on the list of reputable bookmakers in the Asian market, Dafabet is one of the top choices of millions of customers from many different countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, or Cambodia. When you step into the Dafabet homepage, it means that you will have a variety of betting options from sports, soccer, tennis, etc.

More specifically, the Dafabet betting house offers you more international matches of major football leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, and various leagues large and small. around the world.

Dafabet not only has a reputation but also offers betting players around the world a channel of entertainment, high-quality betting. See what Dafabet is and you can sign up for Dafabet and join us right away.

The website interface and Dafabet

The main website of the Dafabet dealer has a pretty luxurious and beautiful black and red tone, and the layout is very reasonable, the products are neatly arranged on the main menu, navigation is quite good for first-time users. The only inherent weakness on the main website of the dealer is the small font that makes it difficult for users to see their bets as well as their articles and news.

All types of Casino, sports betting, Slots games, Poker are fully converging at Dafabet. Strong focus is on Poker rooms with Ipoker applications having a large number of participating members.

Dafabet has just launched a new type of betting on the Malaysian betting market, Macau Live, which gives you the freedom to experience betting with your friends just like playing at a Malaysia online casino.

Their betting products are also continually being improved to best suit the players. Dafabet’s short coming compared to the current big-name bookmakers is that there is still no Keno Lottery product, a popular game in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia.

What attractive games do M88 online casino offer?

M88 online casino is one of the casinos that players choose and love the most today because of the variety of products as well as the reputation, safety and quality. Here are the most popular games in M88 online casino.


With the job of owning the highest winning rates, Baccarat M88 is also one of the most popular games at Malaysia online casino in general as well as M88 online casino casino in particular. When you play Baccarat, players can also place bets as bookmakers or dealer houses.


With a very simple gameplay, the ability to win money of many players is extremely high, along with the attractive, interesting Blackjack M88 game is increasingly attracting the attention of players.

The rules of the game Black Jack are extremely simple, players will also how to be able to achieve a total score close to 21. Any party with a score close to this requirement will become a winner at the M88 online casino.


Along with Baccarat, Black Jack games, Roulette is also one of the most popular and online casino games at the M88 dealer. Roulette also has a very simple rules, big win rates, the excitement of the Roulette table and most stories and legends about magic fortunes are the biggest reasons. solve the fame and the trend of leaking Roulette.

When you play Roulette at online M88 casino, players can also participate in playing anytime and anywhere and only need the device to be connected to the Internet.

Slots games

Online Slot Games are also considered to be one of the most popular and in the world of online casino gaming, with thousands of participants every day.

Online Slot Games have been rooted in five-pipe games based on Poker games and have gradually evolved into Video Slot, and Fruit Machines and now the Online Slot at the online casino M88.


Poker is one of the highly intellectual games, and is very popular with Malaysian players.

There are also a lot of different poker games that many players can choose from. Each different game will also have different rules.

The above is a summary of the most popular casino games at m88 casino. If you like and experience these games, you should not hesitate to register an M88 account now. I wish you happy gaming and will have the opportunity to receive the most attractive rewards right now!

Is it true that 12bet is a prestigious online casino?

Referring to 12bet many people know right here that this is one of the prestigious football house addresses that many people choose. Let’s find out compared to other bookmakers, what does 12bet casino stand out for?

12bet Malaysia online casino is highly appreciated by the house quality and the top criteria here.

The strong point of 12bet

12bet is appreciated because it possesses many outstanding advantages. It is many players who have experienced and made comments to evaluate this is a prestigious football house. Let’s find out about the advantages of 12bet.

Guide to registering

How to register as a new member at 12bet online casino is quite simple and does not take much time. For those new to 12bet who are having difficulties, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Besides, the operations of depositing / withdrawing are also speeded up but still ensuring high safety. 12bet also supports many banks to make it easier for customers to deposit or withdraw money.

Products at the house

12bet is a reputable bookmaker that specializes in professional betting mainly on sports, casino, online gambling and some other online games. There are many odds in the number of types and types for customers to choose freely.

Promotions and offers

What makes many players decide to choose 12bet because the house offers many promotions and attractive deals. For new members or old members, they are also entitled to the appropriate preferential regime.

Customer care

Because of its reputation as a big and reputable bookmaker, 12bet has invested heavily in many aspects including its customer service team. The staff operates 24/24 with a professional attitude and enthusiasm to answer questions and support players anytime, anywhere.

Only with the above advantages can you see that 12bet is really a reliable address. You should experience for yourself whether this 12bet is worth the prestigious football house of choice.

Why doesn’t the house itself produce betting software? (Part 2)

2. Cost savings

Imagine the bookmakers making their own betting games. Then the M88 dealer will hire a programmer to create a Blackjack game, the W88 dealer also has to hire a programmer to create a completely similar Blackjack game, there are different interface parts. And all other bookmakers must do the same. But if there is a company that makes Blackjack, then offers it to all of the dealers’ websites, then the cost will be reduced many times and the house will like this. When saying that hiring a programmer does not mean paying salaries for these employees, their insurance, taxes and other income, renting an office for them to work and hiring to manage they, too, know how much it costs while using other company’s software is much cheaper.

3. Professionalizing the billion-dollar entertainment industry

Professionalization at each stage is being implemented in all industries, not just between bookmakers, game providers and players. Who does that person’s work and does it well.

A true dealer will focus all their efforts on customer-seeking marketing, provide game-sourced games to satisfy players on their system, and provide a large customer service team, maintain 24 hours a day 7 days a week and most importantly handle financial transactions as quickly as possible.

Vendors only focus on researching user tastes, new trends like blockbusters, newly updated games and putting it into their systems and distributing it to bookmakers.

Only in this way can the online betting industry be able to thrive today.


Understanding how the online casino system works gives you a clear understanding of the games you are playing. Besides, it also helps you increase trust with the bookmakers if you are new and still doubt the reputable betting addresses proposed by us.

Why doesn’t the house itself produce betting software? (Part 1)

This is the question of almost every new player when coming into the online casino world.

Today, we will provide the right answer to this question, providing a new perspective on bookmakers and game providers you may not have read anywhere.

House of duty

The dealer is the unit that directly communicates with the betting player, these companies reward their reputation more because they need a reputation for their business. The suppliers are less known to players but the company directly creates betting games rather than the house. Why is that ? Dealers such as Empire777 or M88, W88, HappyLuke, etc. all have great website systems, multi-platform mobile applications, multi-language systems, support for players to deposit money and bet conveniently. and as quickly as possible.

It is the house’s responsibility for the entire online casino system to find such customers and assist them to place bets as conveniently as possible.

What about a game provider?

You may not have heard of strange names like Playtech, Microgaming or Play’N Go, although you may have used their products thousands of times. They are generally less reputable with the bookmaker but among the bookmakers and suppliers they are big names.

Why the house doesn’t produce games?

If you have known about bookmakers and game providers before, you still do not understand why they cannot be combined and located in a unified company. Then here are the reasons for your reference.

1. Absolute transparency

If the house makes the game itself, it’s okay if the bet wins but if you lose you can hit the table and assume the house is dirty? It is almost certain that you will have this type of thinking and other players can also question the transparency if they self-composed all the systems. What is certain that they do not interfere with the game software to produce the results they want if they are the creator of it? Money-making betting games, especially those that are deployed over the internet, are very sensitive, everything needs to be completely clear and completely transparent. Therefore, companies will not create games but hire other companies to ensure the transparency needed for their systems.

Macau casino set a new record for revenue

Casinos’ revenue increased 40% in February 2014 compared to the same period last year, exceeding all expectations and setting a new record.

According to Bloomberg, Macau’s total casino revenue in February reached 38 billion Pataca, equivalent to 4.75 billion USD, compared with the forecast of 36 billion Pataca that analysts made earlier. This revenue broke the previous record set in October last year was 36.5 billion Pataca.

According to data from the Macau Tourism Office, more than 770,000 mainland Chinese tourists visited the city during the New Year, up 23% from the same period last year. Meanwhile, the population of Macau is only about 600,000 people.

In response to the growing demand from mainland Chinese, casinos operating companies in Macau such as Sands, SJM and Galaxy have all added shopping malls, entertainment programs and hotel room expansions. In the first 2 months of the year, Macau casino revenue increased by 24% YoY to 66.7 billion Pataca. With this result, according to analysts, the prospect of growth of the online casino industry in this territory this year is quite positive.

In January this year, observers kept a cautious view on Macau’s casino revenue prospects this year, when revenue only increased by 7%, the lowest since October 2012, reaching 28.7 billion.

Last year, six casinos in Macau achieved $ 45.2 billion in revenue, 7 times higher than the revenue of the “US gambling capital” Las Vegas. Last month, Sands CEO Edward Tracy forecast that casino revenue in Macau this year will reach about 15%.

In 2013, Galaxy’s share price doubled in Hong Kong, making billionaire founder Lui Che-woo the second richest person in Asia. According to Bloomberg data, Mr. Lui currently owns a net worth of about $ 23.5 billion.

Galaxy owns 2 million m2 of land in Macau, enough to quadruple the current business area of ​​the corporation.

How is w88 online casino’s reputation?

Despite being a long-standing reputable brand in the field of online betting, W88 has been constantly developing, constantly launching brand “positioning” strategies nationwide. Even, the quality of service is always guaranteed, the rate of the market updated regularly every day.

The fact that the W88 bookie occupies the position of TOP 1 among the most prestigious and famous bookies today is only sooner or later. But if W88 still maintains the development circuit like this, constantly expanding the market, the leading position of W88 will be very sure.

In order to help players easily track, manage personal information and some other incentives on the website of W88. The W88 dealer has instructed their code staff to integrate more languages ​​into the W88 official website.

For example, Chinese, Khmer, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.

The online betting playground at W88 must be said to be very diverse and rich. From football betting, sports betting, to betting on Casino games, lottery lottery, electronic sports. All are available at the W88 dealer, you just need to register an account and join the game.

The odds of betting in matches are very diverse, you can choose a rafters that you find “delicious”. For example, Asian rafters, European rafters, rafter catching, etc. Players involved if lucky can win very interesting and attractive rewards.

The W88 Malaysia online casino also has many promotions, after-sales promotions, along with a very diligent and enthusiastic customer support team.

The website interface is quite nice, user friendly, suitable for all types of devices. You can track all information about W88 right on your smartphone easily. Everything is rated very well, reaching a 9/10 scale.

The payment method at W88 online casino is safe, fast and convenient. Because of this, I still remain loyal to the W88 dealer. Whenever I want to play football, play faint matches, I only play with the house W88.

Finally, it is the security feature of account information on W88, betting players will feel safe and no longer have to worry, worry about information theft, hacking, losing money in the account.

Fb88 – One of Asia’s leading prestigious online casino

Recently, the link to the dealer has almost been blocked by the network. That’s why a lot of people want to play but can’t find any links that can access Facebook. With today’s article, we will introduce you about this online casino.

With a large number of participants and especially its website is also designed very nice and luxurious, according to European standards. Quickplay interface, all procedures to play and register are very simple.

There are many questions that the Fb88 house is reputable? The answer is that you can feel secure when playing betting at this top house. With its development and coverage, many players have chosen Fb88 as a relaxing playground for many users. So, you only need to have the links taken from the official site to join the fun at Fb88.

What does the home games system include?

As one of the famous and reputable bookmakers, the Fb88 dealer also offers users a large number of games. Not only provide football betting but also offer many other forms of games as well.

Football betting

Of course, the most favored game at Fb88 and also attracted the largest number of customers is football betting. It can be said that, as the leading bookmaker in Asia and licensed to operate fully in the betting field. So when participating in playing here will ensure a very good safety for players.

Customers playing at Fb88 are mainly football betting, watching football markets here. When providing customers with different odds. It will also attract more participants, generally this is the point that makes customers enjoy the most at Fb88. According to the information learned, there are 4 ways to view the odds. These are USA odds, Macao odds, Hong Kong odds and finally, Malay odds.

When playing soccer betting at this house, you absolutely can be guaranteed when withdrawing Fb88 money. With credibility and a long career, Fb88 always ensures players get the highest benefits.

Casino gambling

In addition to betting on football, Fb88 also provides players with extremely prestigious forms of casino gambling. When playing here, you can choose to play blackjack, tiger dragon, baccarat, dice or even play the lottery. Depending on the purpose of each player, you can choose the most suitable game. The games are fair and transparent, you can rest assured.

How to register an fb88 account

How to register an Fb88 account is extremely simple. You only need to login to the link we provide above. After that, fill out your information and press confirm to be. You pay attention to all the information you register must be true because when playing, you will have to deposit money to play and when you want to withdraw money, you must have an account number. Therefore, must write the information exactly.