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Why doesn’t the house itself produce betting software? (Part 2)

2. Cost savings

Imagine the bookmakers making their own betting games. Then the M88 dealer will hire a programmer to create a Blackjack game, the W88 dealer also has to hire a programmer to create a completely similar Blackjack game, there are different interface parts. And all other bookmakers must do the same. But if there is a company that makes Blackjack, then offers it to all of the dealers’ websites, then the cost will be reduced many times and the house will like this. When saying that hiring a programmer does not mean paying salaries for these employees, their insurance, taxes and other income, renting an office for them to work and hiring to manage they, too, know how much it costs while using other company’s software is much cheaper.

3. Professionalizing the billion-dollar entertainment industry

Professionalization at each stage is being implemented in all industries, not just between bookmakers, game providers and players. Who does that person’s work and does it well.

A true dealer will focus all their efforts on customer-seeking marketing, provide game-sourced games to satisfy players on their system, and provide a large customer service team, maintain 24 hours a day 7 days a week and most importantly handle financial transactions as quickly as possible.

Vendors only focus on researching user tastes, new trends like blockbusters, newly updated games and putting it into their systems and distributing it to bookmakers.

Only in this way can the online betting industry be able to thrive today.


Understanding how the online casino system works gives you a clear understanding of the games you are playing. Besides, it also helps you increase trust with the bookmakers if you are new and still doubt the reputable betting addresses proposed by us.